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Live Blood Cell Analysis


The blood never lies. Live blood cell analysis is a quick, simple and accurate method to determine nutritional imbalances. A drop of blood is drawn from your fingertip and placed on a slide for viewing under a microscope. This is best used as a screening test allowing you to see the status of your health and acquire the optimal diet and natural therapies designed for you. 

Personalized programs are designed based on the findings.


1st visit requires 1 to 1-1/2 hour time commitment



Nutritional Analysis (includes live blood cell analysis)
A nutritional analysis using the registered trademarked Nutri-Body Analysis
which is the most effective tool of its kind.  It pinpoints and prioritizes dietary weaknesses and makes recommendations unique to each client.
1st visit requires an approximate 1-1/2 hour time commitment

Complete Nutritional and Lifestyle Assessment

(Includes live blood cell analysis)

Your nutritional status and personal concerns are addressed through

in-depth analysis. There are forms that must be completed and returned to The Living Cell for assessment prior to your appointment. 


This ensures you leave your very first appointment with relevant information pertaining to your specific concerns and simple, easy-to-follow suggestions to get you started immediately.


Email to request forms and book your appointment.


1st visit requires a 2 to 2-1/2 hour time commitment


Menu plans, grocery lists, recipes, even grocery shopping with you or a visit to your home to help you clean out and restock your cupboards are all available services.

Call for Pricing

Hair Mineral Analysis

This is a precise laboratory test used for assessing mineral imbalance and/or

the presence of toxic elements in the human body. 

Individualized nutritional and lifestyle programs can be implemented to correct minor metabolic imbalances.


A consultation appointment is also required to discuss the test results and personalized recommendations.


Food Intolerance Testing

The Health Food Intolerance Test uses state of the art technology and is a sensitive and accurate technique recognized as a reliable method to detect the presence of IgG food-specific antibodies in over 200 commonly eaten foods.

This is a simple procedure...just a finger prick...knowing which foods you should avoid is key to your optimal well-being.

A consultation appointment is included to discuss the test results and personalize recommendations. 


Note: Oxidative Stress Test is included in all initial live blood cell analysis.

The purpose of this screening is to determine the effects of free-radical activity.

Cancellation Policy: Out of respect, we require 48 hours' notice for all cancellations to avoid being charged for your visit.

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